Tuesday, January 19, 2016

sone ka Dil krta hai

Hamara na jane kyo Aaj rone ka Dil krta hai
Us Maa ke aanchal mein apna sir chupa k sone ka Dil krta hai
Is Duniya ki bhaag daud m sabhi ristey kho chuke the
Na jane kyo Aaj un sare rishto ko ek sire se sanjone ka Dil krta hai
Hum ne bheed m dekhi thi kisi ki aankhen
Hamara Aaj phir un aankho m khone ka Dil krta hai
Her Roj sapno se ghanto baatein karta tha mai
Kyo  na jane Aaj unse muh modne ka Dil krta hai
Her roz kitne Jhut bolta hu apne Dil se roz mai
Kyo khud se hi kyo Aaj ek such bolne ka Dil krta hai
Mein sab ka Dil todta hu apni hi kuch baato se
Ek  tute huy dil ko jodne ka kyo Aaj Dil  krta hai
Kyo na jane Aaj fir se rone ka Dil karta hai “SHAGUN”

Fir se hamara aaj maa ki god me sir rkh ke  sone ka Dil krta hai

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